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Did you know that Pac-Man was invented by the designer Toru Iwatani while he was eating pizza? The beginning of gaming and now we are all the way here.. playing with the best equipment and the best quality of gaming. Maxbitt provides with the best quality equipment to provide you with that surreal feeling while playing. This equipment involves gaming mouse's, gaming keyboards, mouse pads, headsets, game pads, accessories, cables or even gaming sets for that all in one option. Make sure to check it out and remember Maxbitt offers 12 month product guarantee.
We advise you to use our multi-dispatch system where you will save money on the postage.

1. postage €3.99 mulit-item package (buy many items as high as 2kg and pay for the postage only once)

2. postage €7.50 multi-item package (buy as many items as high a 25kg and avail of our amazing dispatch price and DPD courier delivery)



    Maxbitt provides some of the best quality of gaming keyboards around.

    Amazing prices with some that have blue or orange detailing on the keyboard or contain savage backlight!

    Much more to discover than your average gaming keyboard here at Maxbitt.


    Gaming mouse's need to be smooth moving and fast so you can have that optimal level of gaming experience.

    Maxbitt provides just that! A amazingly fast and good quality gaming mouse's for an amazing low price!

    Check out what we have to offer you from Maxbitt.


    Gaming mouse pads should be easy to use and of good quality to avail the gamer of the best quality gamming

    Look no further because you found yourself in the right place!

    Maxbitt will ensure you will find just what you're looking for, the best quality for the lowest prices.


    Gaming headsets that are of good quality and are comfortable are very hard to find these days especially with so many brands that offer so many different types of headsets

    Here at Maxbitt we look for the best type of headsets in regarding to every aspect! 

    Sound quality, material quality, and the time they last you!


    Everyone needs a bit of fun in their lives, these accessories add that fun!

    Maxbitt provides a wide range of many different products that will spice up your gaming.

    Another level of gaming? Its possible! With all our accessories here in Maxbitt you'll find what you're looking for and more!


    For good gaming you need good cables... or amazing cables even! 

    Maxbitt provides only the best quality cables for you to connect all of your equipment to achieve that top standard gaming!

    A huge range of cables and if there's one you cant find and need, don't hesitate and let us know we will get it in!


    High standards... that's what we guarantee to our customers

    Maxbitt looks for amazing quality game pads for you to purchase and enjoy!

    Different sizes to suit your liking!


    Gaming sets are so handy because you pay once and you have everything you need!

    Maxbitt has the best quality gaming sets for you, keyboards, headphones, mouse and mousepad.

    Fury... the best quality gaming equipment out there. 

    Backlights, flashing lights, smoothness, comfortable, only a few words to describe our gaming sets.