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Here at Maxbitt we provide a continuous offer of the best quality products at the best possible price. We provide the best quality of portable speakers, MP3 players, headphones, HI-Fi system and speakers. We welcome you to look at the below products in the subcategories which you will find pictures along with description and our amazing low prices. We also provide 12 month guarantee on all of our products.



    Bluetooth speaker offered by Maxbitt connected by Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, and more! Some of these Bluetooth speakers are waterproof and can be used even under the shower! Amazing and long battery lifetime with little charging and amazing sound quality!


    An MP3 player or sometimes called a Digital Audio Player, is an electronic device that can play thousands of your songs. It is compact and easy to have on the go. Tired of your phone running out of storage constantly? It might be because of your music! Tired of not being able to play your favourite songs when you've no internet? Then this is the perfect solution for all your problems!.


    Did you know that In 1910, the first working headphones were created by Nathaniel Baldwin, a professor, to contact with the US Navy? And now we have developed so much its breath-taking. The same breath-taking as our headphones here at Maxbitt! We offer a wide range of different colours, materials, sizes and off course prices! But once you've purchased your first set from Maxbitt you'll never turn back!


    Speakers are a great way of sharing your favourite songs with your friends and families with a amplified sound! Maxbitt provides a wide variety of speakers, only the best standard and quality of sound off course! Very easy to operate and you'll be bopping to some music in no time!