Laptop and computer accessories, the essentials to have a excellent experience with technology.
Maxbitt has many suppliers that have the best quality products for computers and laptops. We will ensure that they are up to your standards and best expectations. Why not dive into our subcategories such as some cleaning products, bags, laptop coolers, pc cables, pc cases, pc slot brackets, laptop chargers, power cables and last but not least laptop and computer accessories... which contain all the mouse's, keyboards, mouse pads, headsets, readers and so much more! This section is where you splurge on all the amazing products! And off course don't worry because Maxbitt has you covered for as long as 12 months!
We advise you to use our multi-dispatch system where you will save money on the postage.
1. postage €3.99 mulit-item package (buy many items as high as 2kg and pay for the postage only once)
2. postage €7.50 multi-item package (buy as many items as high a 25kg and avail of our amazing dispatch price and DPD courier delivery)



    Maxbitt provides all the cleaning products you need to keep your screen and device at the same high standard as it was bought. Keep your computer or laptop in top notch quality so that every time you're looking at it its pleasure and not a chore.


    Laptop bags are so UNDERRATED why carry your laptop and let it fall or get damaged in any way? After all you did invest in an expensive laptop. Go the extra way and buy an inexpensive laptop bag but at such good quality that you will be safe from any possible rick of damaging your laptop!


    Everyone has some important DATA on their laptop or computer that they don't dare to lose, so why take the risk of letting your pc overheat? Maxbitt provides coolers that will help you maintain a steady computer or laptop and will avoid you of all the possible risk! Buy now and thank later.


    Having a top quality laptop is one thing but what good is it if you don't have some top quality equipment to assist it? Maxbitt provides you with only the best headphones, mouses, keyboards, mouse pads, mics and more! Don't limit yourself and invest in these amazing products that we honestly swear by and use everyday in our offices!


    PC cables, hard to find and even harder to get a good price, but don't fear looking for PC cables anymore as maxbitt has all the cables you would need at an amazingly low price! If we don't have what you're looking for, remember you can let us know so we can improve our inventory.


    PC Cases are hard to find these days, Maxbitt looks for only the best quality PC Cases for you to purchase and to keep your PC at top quality. Why invest in the inside of a PC but not making sure that the outside of it is secure and and risk free? Make sure to check out what Maxbitt has to offer you.


    Laptop chargers don't last a lifetime and every one knows that, but does everyone know that you can get a laptop charger here at Maxbitt for a brilliantly low price. Amazing quality is all we ever did and ever will provide to our customers. So make sure you don't miss out on these amazing prices!


    What we have learned over the past few years with technology blowing up so much, is that you can never have enough of power cables both in the house and in the office. Maxbitt gives you an easy way to go and purchase these for the most amazing price that will last you a long time powering your devices.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items