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This section is rather humble on our website, but fear not as we are putting all effort to find all the best standard products for you to use to DIY and spice up anything that's making yo dull! ahh yes the magic of DIYing. Why not check out the subcategories for cable management and all the variety of nails, screws and fixings. Don't forget about Maxbitt's 12 month guarantee
We advise you to use our multi-dispatch system where you will save money on the postage.

1. postage €3.99 mulit-item package (buy many items as high as 2kg and pay for the postage only once)
2. postage €7.50 multi-item package (buy as many items as high a 25kg and avail of our amazing dispatch price and DPD courier delivery)



    Ever look at bundled and messy cables and your inner cleanliness comes to surface? Well don't you worry because Maxbitt has a cable management section that will change your life for the better! And your cables life's off course. They will last longer and won't cause a mess... what are you waiting for! Get shopping.


    Looking for screws, nails and fixings but in a large amount? Maxbitt provides you with a large amount of screws, nails and fixings to help you out with your task! Make it easier for yourself and shop at Maxbitt to get it delivered straight to your door for an amazing price! Maxbitt makes your life easier!