Got a problem with managing cables, need power sockets or good lighting? Look no further!
Our electrical subcategory is for the people that like to take things into their own hands and aren't afraid of trial area. Off course this area is for anyone else! this is just a preview for those people, as Maxbitt has much more to offer you in the following categories. This is only a starter that contains lighting, cable management, electric cables, spade connectors, power sockets and in them many more! Maxbitt knows how hit or miss these products are so we ensure it is of the best standard and provides you with 12 month guarantee.
We advise you to use our multi-dispatch system where you will save money on the postage.

1. postage €3.99 mulit-item package (buy many items as high as 2kg and pay for the postage only once)
2. postage €7.50 multi-item package (buy as many items as high a 25kg and avail of our amazing dispatch price and DPD courier delivery)



    Want to do a task that's been waiting to be done but you need correct lighting for it to be done! Or even just want to check out our lighting section to find something you didn't know you needed? No Worries, Maxbitt has you covered from A to Z with lighting.


    Ever look at bundled and messy cables and your inner cleanliness comes to surface? Well don't you worry because Maxbitt has a cable management section that will change your life for the better! And your cables life's off course. They will last longer and won't cause a mess... what are you waiting for! Get shopping.


    The spade terminal design is one of the most popular electrical connectors, as it allows for easy attachment and removal from connections, such as connecting wire to circuit protection products. Waytek offers a variety of styles like standard, flanged, block and snap spades. The block spade and flange spade terminals are ideal for use with terminal blocks because they are the narrowest styles and fit best between screws. Industry standard color-coding indicates which wire to use.